Speciality Procedures

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Thank you for visiting Delaware Periodontics’ specialty procedures page! Along with our numerous treatment options, including dental implants and periodontal therapy, Dr. Klassman and his outstanding staff offer additional surgical and non-surgical options for periodontal patients. Continue reading below to learn more about these specialty procedures.

Surgical and Non-Surgical Procedure Basics

Dr. Bradford Klassman is dedicated to his patients and will alter treatment toward each individual’s needs. Non-surgical periodontal therapy may include scaling, root planing, local delivery of antibiotics, and basic occlusal therapy.

Surgical treatments may include pocket elimination techniques as well as reconstructive/regenerative techniques. We offer a wide variety of grafting treatments, which are aimed at regrowing lost attachments. Whether bone grafts or protein therapy, Dr. Klassman will use the most predictable means to treat your needs.

Treating Conditions

Periodontal plastic surgery is employed to treat a variety of conditions. Soft tissue grafting procedures can treat problems associated with gum recession. We can create thicker, healthier gums, as well as stronger gum tissue that can prevent further recession.

In most cases, we can cover root surfaces or cover exposed margins with new gum. Crown-lengthening procedures are available to provide additional tooth structure for restorative dentistry as well as correcting “gummy smiles.”

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For additional questions or concerns regarding our specialty procedures, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to address them. In the mean time, we recommend you take a look through the rest of our website, including our conscious sedation page for patients who experience dental anxiety.

We proudly serve patients residing in Wilmington, Delaware and nearby communities such as, Dover. Thank you for your interest in Delaware Periodontics; we look forward to meeting you upon your first visit.