Periodontal Services

Dr. Klassman and his team at Delaware Periodontics offer the most comprehensive, technologically advanced periodontal services available. Any practice that is up to par with the industry can provide dental implants, as well as surgical and non-surgical therapy, but few practices are equipped with such advanced technologies and knowledgeable staff as Delaware Periodontics.

Laser periodontal therapy and 3D facial imaging are perfect examples of our commitment to remain early adopters of the industry’s latest achievements. This enables us to offer a number of treatments, which include the following.

Regenerative Periodontal Therapy

Regenerative therapy is appropriate when a patient has experienced fairly severe loss in bone structure. Through bone and gum grafting, patients will be able to keep their natural teeth, while stimulating new bone growth and gum stability.

Occlusal Therapy

This non-surgical treatment is used to rectify jaw joint and bite problems typically associated with TMD. Treatment is relatively simple, including a jaw bone analysis, customized split or nightguard, and occlusal adjustments to improve uncomfortable symptoms of poor bite structures.

Nonsurgical Procedures

Before any surgical treatment is even considered, we take a look at every nonsurgical option to resolve periodontal problems. This may include antibiotics, cleanings, and occlusal therapy.

Surgical Procedures

If we have come to the conclusion that surgery is the best possible option for you, we will develop a plan that would allow for more control of bone loss and eliminate progressive gum disease.

Surgical Reconstruction

This form of treatment may be introduced for either functionality or aesthetic purposes. In our modern facility, along with our customized care, we ensure the efficacy and comfort of your surgical treatment.

Forms of Sedation to Ensure Patient Comfort

Many patients experience anxiety when undergoing any form of treatment. To ease your mind, our office provides several forms sedation: conscious and intravenous.

Conscious Sedation: this type of sedation will be administered to patients with more anxious symptoms. Through various techniques, we help our patients relax before and during dental treatment.

IV: For other patients, we offer IV sedation. This form is fast-acting, allows for a more controllable dosage, and is considered a very safe form of delivery.

Call Us with Your Periodontal Therapy Questions

We proudly strive to make treating periodontal “gum” disease simple and convenient. If you would like more information about the different services and treatments we offer, or have any further questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you feel you or a family member needs to undergo any of the treatments explained above, please make an appointment with us today!