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All-on-4® Treatment Concept
Wilmington, DE

Diagram of All-on-4® Treatment Concept at Delaware Periodontics in Wilmington, DE If you have lost most or all of your teeth due to tooth decay or injuries, then you need to get them replaced quickly. A loss of teeth can lead to many health issues if it is not addressed. However, getting dental implants or bridges for an entire row of teeth can be a big problem for those with smaller wallets. Thankfully, a treatment called All-On-4 has recently been gaining popularity and we at Delaware Periodontics offer it to our clients!

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What is All-on-4?

Rather than having a dental implant placed in each missing tooth gap, which can get expensive quickly, All-on-4 helps minimize things. The process uses four dental implants and a bridge for either the upper or lower arch of your mouth.

Unlike most dental implants, this treatment is considerably less expensive than dealing with multiple crown implants and replacing teeth one by one. The process is also faster with the All-on-4 procedure.

How Does the Procedure Work?

The implants are placed in your mouth, with two in the front and two in the back. Then a temporary bridge is placed when the surgery is finished. This allows the patient to function with esthetics while the implants are healing. Once healed a final restoration is completed providing the patient with a realistic and functional fake set of teeth.

The metal in the implants eventually fuses(integrates) with your jawbone. The fusion carries another benefit for you. The implants prevent further loss of bone in your jaws. This helps keep your jaw strong.

Are All-on-4 Implants Comfortable?

Comfort is one of the things you will need to deal with whenever you replace a tooth. It can feel weird and take some getting used too, especially if you have already gotten used to having a gap in your mouth. Replacing one tooth can be a bit of an annoyance until you get used to the feeling, but what about replacing all of them?

The temporary teeth do not rest on the gums and they wont move like dentures or loose teeth. The temporary and final teeth will act like a natural smile.

Are They Right For Me?

We will be able to tell you that whenever you come in for your appointment. However, if you are missing a lot of teeth, then yes, it is the procedure for you. If your teeth are damaged beyond repair, an All-on-4 procedure might be useful for you.

Finally, do not let lack of bone stop you. This procedure allows us to work around your anatomy. So if you have jawbone loss, it might not require bone grafting.

If you think that All-on-4 dentistry is right for you, then please call to set up an appointment at Delaware Periodontics at 302-551-3553 today. We will be able to examine your mouth and help you get the treatment started. Then you will walk out with a brand new smile!

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If you are missing most or all of your teeth, All-on-4 dentistry may be right for you! Call Delaware Periodontics today to schedule your appointment for a brand new smile!
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