Oral Systemic Health Connection

Your Dental Health and Its Effect On Your Body

Over the years, numerous studies have been performed to determine whether an individual’s oral health can have an impact on the other aspects of the body. Such studies have shown that dental health habits have a very real impact on the health of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, and skeletal system.

Research Has Shown These Connections

According to studies published at the American Dental Association, poor dental health is associated with:


Diabetics are much more likely to develop periodontal problems, probably due to the fact that people with diabetes are more prone to contracting infections. Interestingly, periodontal disease is listed as a major complication associated with diabetes.

This relationship is not one-sided either. Just as diabetes can increase the likelihood of contracting periodontal disease, research suggests the reverse may also be true.

Heart Disease

While the cause-effect relationship has not yet been established, research suggests that periodontal disease increases cardiovascular risks. Scientists hypothesize that the inflammation that develops from gum disease may be responsible for this.


Initial studies have shown a link between osteoporosis and bone loss within the jaw. Osteoporosis may be a culprit behind tooth loss because the lower density of the bone may no longer be able to provide a sufficient foundation.

Respiratory Disease

Bacteria that grow in the oral cavity can be drawn into the lungs, and cause the development of several respiratory diseases, such as pneumonia. The potential for these unhealthy bacteria to enter your lungs increases with periodontal disease.

Pregnancy Complications

Unfortunately, periodontal disease may even affect the life of an unborn child. Women with periodontal disease have an increased likelihood of giving birth to a child that is premature or too small. More research is being done on this to provide further, more reliable, information.


Researchers have provided a variety of rather alarming statistics concerning periodontal disease and several types of cancer. Men with gum disease have an increased chance of developing kidney cancer by 49%, 54% for pancreatic cancer, and 30% for blood cancers.

How Delaware Periodontics Can Help You?

Dr. Klassman believes a healthy smile is part of his patients’ entire holistic well-being, not just aesthetically desirable. At Delaware Periodontics, we are committed to providing complete care for our patients when they are in our Wilmington, DE office and when they have questions and concerns at home.

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