Aching Teeth: What Does It Mean?

Aching Teeth: What Does It Mean?

In most instances, a painful aching sensation in one tooth is normally caused by tooth decay, a common problem that affects people of all ages. However, when one feels an aching sensation in all the teeth, the diagnosis is something entirely different than what causes a common toothache. The condition wherein someone experiences pain in multiple teeth is called Generalized Tooth Pain. There could be several reasons why all the teeth are aching. Luckily, Dr. Bradford Klassman and his team are leading periodontal experts and can assist with diagnosing the cause of this dental issue.

Periodontal Disease

When oral gums become infected, it is not just the gum line that suffers the negative effects. Because both are living tissues, the gums and the bone tissues found inside your teeth are susceptible to infection. Most people know that periodontal (gum) disease causes red, swollen, bleeding gums, but not everyone is aware that advanced periodontal disease can cause tooth pain and discomfort. When the gum and dental tissues reach a point of advanced infection, they’ll become inflamed, leading to dull, aching pain. Don’t allow your gums to reach this state of infection because, if your surrounding tissue also becomes infected, you won’t just experience pain in your mouth—you’ll also run the risk of tooth loss. This is avoidable by simply scheduling a periodontal services appointment with your Wilmington periodontist.

Misaligned or Impacted Wisdom Teeth

The size of your jaw can cause a tooth to not have enough room to come out into its proper position because another tooth is already in its place; this is called an impacted tooth. Since the blocked tooth is being pushed out, it will find another way around the tooth that’s already in place, resulting in two different scenarios: an impacted tooth or a different opening in your gums where your tooth will be exposed and misaligned. A prime example of this is wisdom teeth. When a wisdom tooth fails to erupt partially or completely through the gum line, it can cause toothache and jaw pain due to the tooth not having enough space to erupt. A misaligned or impacted wisdom tooth can also put pressure on the adjacent tooth to cause a dull, aching pain.


If all your teeth are aching and you have no signs of tooth decay or gum disease, you could have bruxism. This is the technical term for grinding your teeth which can be brought on by stress. In addition to aching teeth, signs of bruxism include:

  • Morning headaches
  • Facial pain
  • Tight or painful jaw muscles
  • Chipped, broken or worn teeth or fillings
  • Audible grinding of the teeth at night

It is important to see your Wilmington dentist if you have these symptoms of bruxism so that a solution and treatment can be issued. If this condition is not treated, the grinding of your teeth can wear away tooth enamel and damage crowns and fillings to raise your risk for infection or decay.

Teeth Whitening

The use of teeth whitening gels and bleaching strips can also cause the teeth to ache and feel sensitive. You’ll often see warnings of experiencing teeth sensitivity when purchasing these items because these types of products contain an active ingredient called hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide is used to soak into the tooth enamel to expose the nerves and dentin beneath and, subsequently, whiten your teeth. This is not just the case with at-home teeth whitening kits, as tooth sensitivity and general achiness of teeth can also occur following a professional teeth whitening session done at a dental office!

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These are some of the most common causes of aching teeth. If your teeth are aching, it's important to get to the bottom of why you're feeling this discomfort as you could have a serious problem that requires treatment. Schedule an appointment using our online form or contact our periodontal office directly at (302) 658-7871 in order to get started on treating your dental pain. We hope to hear from you soon!