What Causes Crooked Teeth?

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Here at Delaware Periodontics, we are committed to providing expert periodontal and dental care services, including implants and laser gum treatment, to patients throughout the Wilmington & Dover areas. Our treatments are only one part of a healthy, beautiful smile, however. Here, we discuss the causes of crooked teeth.

Jaw Development & Oral Habits

The development of the jaw is one of the most important factors in how a smile will develop. In order for teeth to be straight, a wide palate and a straight dental arch must both be present. The jaw and cranial bones must develop correctly for these to occur. The posture, eating, and breathing as a child all affect the development of the jaw. This means that the causes of crooked teeth begin at a very young age. In addition, bad oral habits that are common in early childhood, such as thumb-sucking or using a pacifier, can cause bite issues, which contribute to crooked teeth.

Lip & Tongue Positioning

When at rest, the tongue should rest up against the palate, or upper jaw, and the facial muscles should hold the lips closed. To develop straight teeth, the muscles that connect to the jaw, base of the skull, spine, and throat should all function properly. If the tongue is in a lower or forward position, it can cause issues such as flaccidity or lack of mentalis muscle strain. Poor tongue and lip posture can lead to crooked teeth.

How Parents Can Help

As a parent, there are a few simple ways to help your child achieve healthy jaw growth and straight teeth before their permanent teeth emerge and crookedness becomes a problem:

  • Encourage your child to practice proper breathing: in through the nose, and out through the mouth.
  • Correct your child’s posture when necessary and encourage him or her to sit up straight
  • Monitor your child’s mouth in resting position and encourage proper tongue positioning (up against the palate) and closing of the lips.

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