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What Age is the Best to Get Invisalign?

June 16th, 2021

Whether you are a parent or an adult, you may be wondering who qualifies for Invisalign, and what age is the best to start Invisalign treatment. Luckily, at CFSS Braces, we offer comprehensive orthodontic treatment for all ages. Because orthodontic technology has advanced over the past decade, Invisalign can now help with various orthodontic problems. Depending on what our doctors recommend to you, Invisalign may be the best option for you or your child.

How Old Do You Have to Be for Invisalign Treatment?

There is no age limit requirement for Invisalign treatment. Invisalign can be chosen in any phase of life; which includes children, teenagers, and adults. However, some orthodontists may suggest braces for children and Invisalign for teenagers since Invisalign requires attentive care for cleaning and discipline. Wearing the aligner for a long period can be quite tough and you must be mature enough to carry those aligners and follow the routine.

Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen is Invisalign specifically made for teens. Teen patients must have most of their adult teeth in place and be old enough to adhere to the regimen of wearing the aligners 22 hours a day.

Invisalign for Children?

Yes, surprisingly, children can get Invisalign. Invisalign First is a fairly new treatment that can help your child straighten their teeth as they are growing. Early treatment allows orthodontists to treat issues that may need attention to address a developing problem.

When to Start Treatment

Orthodontic treatment can start as early as 7 and as old as 80. If you are thinking about fixing your smile, Invisalign might be right for you, no matter how old you are. Invisalign is the perfect option for anyone who wants an alternate option to metal braces. Overall, they can be used to straighten the teeth of kids, teens, and adults.

Get Invisalign with Us!

Are you interested in getting Invisalign? Contact us today! At CFSS Braces, we offer extensive treatments to everyone who walks through our doors. Our staff holds the highest standards when it comes to caring for our patients. We are excited to help you get started on your journey to a perfect smile!

Advantages of Clear Aligners

May 19th, 2021

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, clear aligners have quickly become one of the most popular ways to improve your smile and oral health. Made with clear polyurethane plastic, the clear aligners are invisible, making them a great treatment option for teens and adults. Plus, they’re more convenient and comfortable than both traditional metal braces and clear braces in Syracuse, NY.

To treat a variety of mild to moderate orthodontic issues, CFSS Braces proudly provides Invisalign and SureSmile clear aligners to patients in our Fayetteville, Fulton, and North Syracuse, NY orthodontic offices. If you’re still wondering why the clear aligners are so popular, we’ve highlighted the top five advantages below.

Discreet: It’s Basically Invisible

In many cases, our older teen and adult patients don’t want to deal with the discomfort of traditional metal braces. While wearing Invisalign, most people will not even notice that you are straightening your teeth. The aligners are thin, clear and custom made to fit over your teeth as you move through each series of trays. It has never been easier and less noticeable to achieve a bright, beautiful smile!


Invisalign aligners are smooth and generally more comfortable to wear than Syracuse metal braces. They will not irritate the inside of your mouth, and our patients can typically adjust to wearing the aligners very easily.

Clear aligners can be easily removed to eat, brush, and floss. You can still enjoy your favorite candies and other “restricted” foods, as long as you keep your aligners and teeth clean throughout the treatment. This makes them incredibly convenient no matter what your lifestyle!

Orthodontically Effective

Invisalign can treat a variety of mild to moderate conditions, such as crookedness, crowding, and gapped teeth. For severe cases, traditional braces may be best, but the majority of our patients qualify for Invisalign, which has shown to be just as orthodontically effective as other treatments. And, for more mild treatment needs, our SureSmile aligners may be the perfect option for you!

The process works by slowly moving your teeth to the correct position with a series of clear plastic aligners. Depending on your teeth and treatment plan, you could have 12 – 48 different aligners. Your aligners are typically changed every week to every two weeks. Each new aligner will adjust the teeth ever so slightly. Your last set of aligners will work as your final retainer to keep your teeth straight.

Protection From Teeth-Grinding

For those who have problems grinding their teeth at night, clear aligners serve the additional function of creating a barrier between the teeth and preventing them from getting worn down. This is another great advantage when choosing clear aligners as your orthodontic treatment.

Improved Oral Health

Clear aligners can easily be taken out to brush and floss thoroughly every day and night. This makes oral care much simpler, as long as you’re proactive about keeping your teeth and aligners clean throughout your treatment.

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A beautiful, straighter smile is in your future, and we're happy to help. If you’d like to learn more about Invisalign clear aligners, you can reach our orthodontists in Syracuse at 315-458-0020 or complete an appointment request online. You can also learn more about the areas we serve, and our additional orthodontic treatments like clear braces and metal braces in Syracuse, NY. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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October 12th, 2020

If you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity and haven’t had a dental treatment or experienced trauma to your mouth recently, this may be a signal of an underlying cause. Typically, tooth sensitivity is a symptom caused by exposed teeth. If your gums have begun receding or if your tooth’s enamel is being worn out, this will cause tooth sensitivity. But how can this be treated or avoided? At Delaware Periodontics, we believe in treating dental disorders and disease, as well as preventative care. That’s why Dr. Bradford Klassman has come up with some tips on how to reduce tooth sensitivity.

What to Do When You’re Experiencing Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can sometimes be treated at home simply by changing some personal habits. In extreme cases, you’ll have to visit your Wilmington, DE periodontist Dr. Klassman—but let’s see if we can find some ways to relieve your tooth sensitivity before you go see your doctor. Some of the things that you can do at home to reduce the pain are as follows:

  • Practice good oral hygiene – This may seem like an obvious statement, but you’d be surprised how many people skip or ignore these practices. Be sure that you’re brushing your teeth twice a day with a toothbrush whose bristles aren’t too hard and stiff. Ideally, we’d suggest that you also purchase a toothpaste with added fluoride in order to strengthen your tooth’s enamel (the protective layer of your teeth).
  • Avoid acidic foods and beverages – While there are some acids that are good for your teeth such as Folic Acid, most acids found in certain foods and beverages are likely to attack the enamel of your teeth, causing it to erode. Once the enamel is gone, your teeth become porous allowing air to flow in every time you take a breath which irritates the nerves inside your teeth (don’t forget that your teeth are actually living tissue!).
  • Protect your teeth from grinding together – This task may be a little harder, especially if you’re suffering from Bruxism. If you find that you’re waking up with aching teeth and jaw pain in the morning, as well as tooth sensitivity, you’ll likely need to start wearing a mouthguard. A mouthguard will protect your teeth from grinding on themselves, which subsequently cause the wearing down your tooth’s enamel.
  • Seek treatment for receding gums – There are a number of things that could be causing your receding gums. From poor dental hygiene, to grinding, to genetics, if you think you have receding gums, you may need to come into our offices for Pinhole Gum Rejuvination. To ease the state of your swollen gums at home, start brushing and flossing our teeth daily (non-aggressively and with a soft toothbrush) and avoid the use of tobacco products.

Contact Your Local Dover, DE Periodontist to Learn More!

If your teeth have been bothering you lately and you’re not sure why, it may be because of an underlying dental issue. Visit our website to schedule an appointment online with Dr. Klassman or call our periodontal practice at 302.658.7871 to schedule one. One of the members of our warm and friendly team will be happy to put you in the books for a consultation. Stop letting your teeth bother you and make the steps towards getting a healthier smile, today!

What Is Laser Periodontal Therapy?

July 19th, 2020

What Is Laser Periodontal Therapy?

What Is Laser Periodontal Therapy?Gum disease is painful, but are you looking for other options to periodontal surgery? Delaware Periodontics is honored that we are the first periodontal practice in the state of Delaware to offer Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) for the treatment of gum disease. LANAP is a painless and effective treatment that does not require the use of a scalpel or sutures. We encourage our patients to ask Dr. Klassman about this effective and painless gum disease treatment.

How Does Periodontal Laser Therapy Work?

With the use of highly-accurates lasers, we are able to treat patients with gum disease without the use of surgery. Laser Periodontal Therapy is the very first FDA-approved laser treatment for gum disease. Following your diagnosis of gum disease, Dr. Klassman will schedule a consultation visit to explain how laser therapy works and walk you through the entire treatment. X-rays will be taken to make a definitive diagnosis and determine the severity of the infection. For your first LANAP treatment, you will receive a local anesthetic to eliminate any possible discomfort. A small laser fiber, equivalent to the thickness of three hairs, will then be inserted between the tooth and gum to clear the infection. In just two hours you will be able to get on with the rest of your day.

Why Is Laser Therapy Great?

Laser therapy is the preferred gum disease treatment for these several reasons:

  • No surgical equipment is needed for this procedure
  • Less invasive so the quick recovery time allows you to continue to enjoy your day
  • Less expensive for you and your employer compared to surgery
  • We remove the targeted, infected section of the gum with our highly accurate lasers.

Contact Your Dover & Wilmington, DE Periodontal Office To Learn More!

Would you like to learn more about periodontal laser therapy? Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to assist you with any and all of your dental needs. We hope to hear from you soon!